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    treat other ladies like leslie knope treats ann perkins 

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    Dear Zoe Quinn Supporters


    I’ve been considering writing this up for a couple days now. I figured I’d do it. I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend among those who defend Zoe, both here and on Twitter. You need to keep a couple things in mind.

    Her being harassed does not negate what she did. It doesn’t matter if she is…

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    im like the easiest, shittiest pokemon. a freaking grass bug pokemon.

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    funimation version of kidz bop where all the songs are sung by vic mignogna

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    "Tooling" Foam Accessories


    Okay kiddos, enough of you asked, so here’s a tutorial. This is primarily for getting an engraved look on your props/accessories/etc, though I’m throwing in basic foam craft technique tips as well. 

    Let’s use this bracer as an example:


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    flower fairies, peony & iris

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    alternatively if someone asks you what you did today just grimly look down at your hands and say “something I should have done a long time ago…”

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